BALMAR 100 Amp/12 Volt Model 60 Alternator 6-Series Alternator WITH ARS-5 REGULATOR $500


The Balmar 6-Series alternators combine the best of traditional Balmar quality with technology that is both more universal and more user-friendly than ever. The 6-series is the first high-output alternator that gives you the choice of either using its internal regulator or connecting to an external smart regulator. Patented Smart Ready internal regulation offers the 6-Series alternator the unique ability to be used as a stand-alone high-output OEM replacement for performance ski and wakeboard tow boats, day cruisers, or workboats, which have more electrical loads than ever! For sailors or power boaters demanding the very best in multi-stage external regulation, the Smart Ready system provides a dependable back-up for external voltage regulators. Isolated Ground terminals are now standard, improving the system ground and noise reduction. 6-Series alternators utilize dual internal fans and an open frame case design for improved alternator cooling. A universal crown assures an easy fit on most modern engines. Model 60 alternators fit most Yanmars and other engines using a 3.15″ID saddle mount. Dual internal fans provide added cooling. Corrosion-resistant powder-coated cast aluminum case with five-way universal tensioning crown. Ignition-safe for marine gas or diesel engines.
BALMAR ARS-5 12 Volt Regulator
Easier than ever to program and operate. The NEW ARS-5 features an easy-to-read three-character alphanumeric LED display, replacing colorcoded lights used in earlier ARS models. Simply select one of five preset program choices based on battery type, and the belt size setting that matches your alternator’s drive belt width and alternator output rating. Battery settings include standard and deep-cycle flooded, gel, AGM, and Optima programs. Five belt load management settings control horsepower load on drive belts. When used with MC-TS-A and MC-TS-B alternator and battery temperature sensors, the ARS-5 ensures even greater charging performance, as well as critical protection for your alternator and batteries. Controls a single alternator only. Automatic Functions: Multi-stage smart charging. Alternator temperature sensing (optional MC-TSA sensor required). Battery temperature compensation (optional MC-TS-B sensor required) User Selectable Functions: Charging for five battery types. Five belt load management settings based on belt size and alternator rating Status Display: Three-character alphanumeric LED display simplifies programming Dimensions: 4-7/8″L x 3-1/4″W x 1-1/2″H Wiring Harness Included: 54″ marine wiring harness, magnetic programming screwdriver, manual included