Davis Instruments – Echomaster Radar Reflectors $35


These 12 1/2″ dia. reflectors are very common on many cruising boats. All models can be stored flat and assemble in minutes. Plates are held together by tough, injection molded corner latches. Assembled reflectors include a 1 1/4″ (32mm) windage hole for reduced aerodynamic drag, which also allows for backstay mounting. Standard Echomaster: 13.2 square yards (12 square meters) of radar cross section in the 9-9.6 GHz X or 3cm radar band. Plates are made of 1.3mm non-anodized marine grade aluminum. Assemble around a backstay or make your own bridle and hang from holes that are drilled in the corner latches. Deluxe Hanging Echomaster: Includes a hanging mount harness for suspending the unit from the mast or rigging in a “catch rain” orientation. Includes vinyl storage case. Economy Radar Reflector: A great backup aboard larger boats or primary reflector on smaller vessels that might not normally carry a radar reflector. Made of foam core plastic-metal foil laminate. Economical enough for any boat. Performs nearly as well as Echomaster, and stows flat. 11.5″ (29cm) dia. Meets U.S. Coast Guard requirements for lifeboat and liferaft radar reflectors under SOLAS 74/83